Cat Five
Label: Catfiverecords
Genre: Electronic / Hip Hop
Online: Artist Website


There's the old adage about a cat and it's nine lives and all that... and then there's the San Francisco Bay Area group Cat Five. There's definitely something shapeshiftery about these cats; one moment they're dilated, toon-eyed, late-night party peoples; another time, thoughtful techies; another time, politically charged artists; another time, rocking the hip-hop underground. Musically, expect lots of laptop layered breakbeats from this quartet, who release CDs and vinyl 12"s on their own label, and give out mp3s of album-length mixes on their website. Let's call it trip-hop, but sometimes it's hip-hop, sometimes it's electronic. Samples reign supreme with Cat Five; the band has no MC or rapper, yet they weave elaborate narratives from found sound collage. In the past couple of years, the group has grown increasingly political, winding up contextualized among folks like Jello Biafra, Paris and The Coup, despite having also attained notoriety as a party boy raver crew.