Label: Moodgadget
Genre: Electronic / Pop
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8OOBELOVED is a Michigan-based group formed from the writing & production of singer/songwriter, Sean Lynch. The group's moniker, taken from a 1-800 telephone number, hints at the merger between two opposing themes - "800" representing the interest in popular culture's flimsiness while "beloved" alludes to the lyrical use of sacred, often dismal and ironically naive subject matter.

Host to numerous contributors since the project's beginning in September 2005, the current incarnation of the group, Anastasiya Metesheva, Jon Elkas and Lynch, performs selectively throughout the Midwest. Their debut LP entitled BOUQUET is slated to release after three years of production under the MOODGADGET label O3.O3.O9.

The group currently rehearses in Milford where Lynch also works as a cosmetologist & assistant for a funeral home.

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