The Lodger
The Lodger
Label: Slumberland Records
Genre: Pop
Online: Artist Website


The Lodger was formed inside the mind of Ben Siddall inside an LS6 bedsit.

After 3 sold-out limited 7s and touring around the UK and Europe with bands such as The Long Blondes and The Research, the group released their debut album “Grown-Ups”, produced by Alan Smyth and James Ford, in June 2007 on Angular Records in the UK, Slumberland Records in the US, Fabtone in Japan and Speak N Spell in Australia.

Critical acclaim for the album followed, particularly on the blogs; the band have featured heavily on the charts since the release along with heavy rotation on US college radio and other stations worldwide.

The album was voted as 62nd best of 2007 on and 95th in's Top 97 of '07.

The Lodger completed their first tour of the USA in October 2007 and then entered the studio to record their 2nd album in November.

After touring Europe with The Long Blondes in early 2008, the group's second album "Life is Sweet" was released in May 2008. Over the summer The Lodger are playing a couple of festivals and embark on their first tour of Japan, alongside rehearsing new songs for their third as-yet-untitled album, which they intend to record before the year is out.