Pedal Steel Transmission
Label: Cardboard Sangria
Genre: Rock
Online: Artist Website


Over the past several years, Pedal Steel Transmission has quietly carved its own niche in the Chicago underground music scene. Forged from bits and pieces of classic rock, indie, jazz and folk, the upstart foursome craft a witch's brew of passionate, heart-felt rock that owes as much to Buffalo Springfield as it does the Velvet Underground. Each with years of individual experience, the members bring their love of playing together with an aim of making the whole truly more than the sum of the parts. Their blending tonalities of sun-drenched improvisation and experimentation quickly puts one in mind of the sounds of late sixties psychedelia and rock, ala Woodstock or Monterey Pop. But when you think you've sensed their direction, the sound again changes, and you imagine yourself sitting quietly in your bedroom, swaying to the sighing melodies and harmonies in their concise songwriting, reminiscent of early seventies Neil Young, or the Allman Brothers, or the Stones. They are delicate and defined, manic and chaotic, all while remaining unified and focused. 2002 saw the release of their critically acclaimed In the Winter, It Makes the Dead Grass Look Green, taking listeners to uncharted territory on a roller coaster of dynamic cliffhangers, shimmering soundscapes and bombastic interludes. The release signaled a shift from their early rural roots, defying easy definition and shirking off the country images long associated with the pedal steel. The new full-length album, The Angel of the Squared Circle, is to be accompanied by extensive radio and touring support.