Ursula 1000
Ursula 1000
Label: ESL
Genre: Electronic
Online: Artist Website


Ursula 1000 is a stylish American DJ who spins (and produces) sampladelic easy listening breakbeat tracks in a style similar to continental popsters from Pizzicato Five to Dimitri from Paris. Born Alex Gimeno, he was raised in Miami, where he studied commercial art and owned an underground comic-book store before joining the local band 23 as a drummer. Determined to make some money from his enormous record collection, Gimeno soon fused his fanatical love of music and pop culture to birth Ursula 1000. He bought turntables and a mixer, learned to spin, and began DJing at both a local college station and Miami nightclubs, recording along the way as well. After becoming a fixture -- as both DJ and drummer -- in the Miami scene for nearly a decade, Gimeno relocated to New York City to further both his mixing and production career. After negotiations with Island's Palm Pictures broke down, Gimeno signed to the Eighteenth Street Lounge label run by D.C.'s Thievery Corporation. The Now Sound of Ursula 1000 appeared in 1999, followed one year later by the mix album All Systems Are Go-Go. An album of new productions, Kinda' Kinky, appeared in 2002, with the mix album Ursadelica hitting the streets in 2004. His third production record, Here Comes Tomorrow, appeared in 2006 (also on ESL).