Isomer Transition
Isomer Transition
Label: Moodgadget
Genre: Electronic
Online: Artist Website


US born (New York) RJ Valeo is an electronic music producer, live performer, and event curator. Influenced by microsound, glitch, techno, dub, new wave, idm, and industrial, his 'Isomer Transition' releases avant-guarde futuristic dance music that shows these roots.

Opting to develop his own style rather than fit neatly into an established genre, his music ranges from deep and minimal dubby tech-groovers (minimal in the amount of musical content, not the style) to in-your-face energy filled dance floor movers. All the while keeping the productions thick with intent, massive mix depth, and an undeniable groove.

Isomer Transition's debut 'Shadownlands EP' was featured on Maryanne Hobb's 'The Breezeblock' and his productions have been compared to Richie Hawtin, Matthew Dear, Kraftwerk and even Gas (under his RJ Valeo moniker). He was a co-founder of the BAP and BAPLAB series of art and music events held in NYC from 2005-2006. He continues to search out new technology and software and use it in his compositions.