Jeremy Jay
Jeremy Jay
Label: K Records
Genre: Pop
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Jeremy Jay is a mixture of a storyteller, artist and singer. Following a series of 7" singles, he released his debut LP, A Place Where We Could Go on K in Spring 2008. Currently, he splits his time between living in Paris and Los Angeles, the dream cities of the French New Wave and Hollywood. Similar to films, Jeremy identifies with the visual stories of life and love, and touches on everything human; he is always in the process of writing and recording, playing the guitar and taking walks to new places. Jeremy is getting acquainted to living in Paris, but still draws much of his inspiration from American artists like Andy Warhol and iconic teen filmmaker John Hughes.

With his new single “Love Everlasting” and full-length Slow Dance (both released by K), Jeremy has created his own brand of urgent pop music that fits perfect in the house parties and punk rock clubs that he prefers to play. In 2009 Jeremy will be touring Europe, the USA, Australia, New Zealand and the UK.

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Jeremy Jay
album:Splash (K Records)
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Jeremy Jay
song:Love Everlasting
album:Lover Everlasting (K Records)
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