Mojave 3
Mojave 3
Label: 4AD
Genre: Rock / Pop
Online: Artist Website


In the years since their first album Ask Me Tomorrow was released to universal critical acclaim, Mojave 3 have hoovered up accolades for their wistful, folk-roots influenced pop songs whose melodies shimmer with a sense of hush and whose lyrics evoke distances, longing and broken hearts. "This," said the NME, "is songwriting as it should be done. There's no higher compliment."

Spoon And Rafter, their fourth album, finds the UK five-piece scaling new heights. It was recorded in a cow pasture in deepest Cornwall, where they've built a studio. "It's a nice place to record," says Neil Halstead, Mojave 3's principal singer and writer, who moved to Newquay ten years ago, lured by the tranquility and surf, "certainly more fun than just going into a studio in London every day for two weeks." But it had its problems, the biggest one negotiating the rest of the band down from London - Rachel Goswell (vocals, bass), Ian McCutcheon (drums, percussion), Simon Rowe (guitar) and Alan Forrester (keyboards). "They all have jobs," Halstead explains, "none of us make much money from doing this, but obviously we all love it- so we had to organise it for weekends or when people could get time off."

McCutcheon, Halstead and Goswell had all been members of seminal shoegazer outfit Slowdive, who had some success in the early 90s. Bassist Goswell released a solo album Waves Are Universal in 2004, and the band is already planning a fifth Mojave 3 album.