Don Paul
Label: I/R
Genre: Other
Online: Artist Website


Author, activist and musician, Don Paul has been living the DIY lifestyle for several decades. He's self-published paperback books of poetry, fiction and non-fiction, the most notable being perhaps his interpretation of the events of 9/11, which has been eagerly reprinted since its original sold-out release. Politically, he's very active in local communities- he's a regular at San Francisco City Hall, always working on various campaigns- and he works with a group called "Housing is a Human Right." Musically and stylistically, as a vocalist, he never strays too far from his avant garde poet voice and his North Beach, jazz hipster mystique, although this can take on seriously broad strokes of flavor.

Don has recently reissued a big handful of digitally remastered albums going back over the past fifteen years, and, throughout his catalog, one can find him rocking out, ala David Byrne, over some seriously syncopated virtuoso funk; reading from books of his poems over improvised electronic mayhem; sitting in with serious jazz improvisors, or simply retreating to bang some exotic drum gathered from his world travels while he nods his head in approval and the band plays on. Lyrically, you can always expect nothing less than his brutally honest and fully conscious appraisal of events, whether it's him recounting a long ago moment with an unforgotten lover, delivering a eulogy on behalf of a lost friend, or raging against the latest triplespeak from your favorite government officials.

Don is also an avid, life-long, distance runner and actually held the world record in the rarely contested 50 mile run for a number of years.