B. Fleischmann
B. Fleischmann
Label: Morr Music
Genre: Pop / Electronic
Online: Artist Website


Vienna Calling, close to the Naschmarkt market. In the heart of a city, his city. That's where Bernhard Fleischmann was born in 1975. That's where the piano was placed, the starting point of his musical experience. And later on a drum set, his companion through teenage years. On the edge of adolescence Bernhard Fleischmann formed the bands Speed Is Essential and Sore!. Together with the latter his first record: "my idea of fun".

Vienna Calling, in the middle of the nineties with a more and more electronic voice. A city became famous for its electronic music scene. And Bernhard Fleischmann found its unique place in it. A laptop, sound loops, rhythm patterns. A gig at the legendary picknick@rhiz festival. Indulging melodies, but never sugary, surrounded by tricky rhythm structures. Songs, not just tracks, arranged on an impressing record: "poploops for breakfast" founded the love story between Bernhard Fleischmann and the young label Morr Music in autumn 1998. The "Sidonie EP" followed in 1999.

Bernhard Fleischmann became a busy live artist, touring through Austria, Germany, Europe, the USA and nearly the rest of the world. The album "Choir of Empty Beds" was released on Fuzzy Box (2000). Besides, tracks for compilations on Morr Music ("Putting the Morr back into Morrissey") and other labels - Christof Kurzmann's Vienna based label Charizma, for instance. Bernhard Fleischmann's "Nico"-7inch was the opener for the Morr Music-series "a number of small things" (2001).

Meanwhile his music grows bigger and bigger but without loosing its ground. It's a warm and weak process that you could listen to on "Welcome Tourist" (autumn 2001) - indietronic pop songs on a great journey. Small hymns, complex in the dialogue of the different tracks and instruments, wide open, breathing sounds. Christof Kurzmann, a close friend since a long time, lends a few songs his warm and direct voice. Just one of many Vienna encounters.

Together with Herbert Weixelbaum Bernhard Fleischmann formed Duo 505, delicate pulsing electronica. Their album "late" was released in autumn 2005 on Morr Music. Together with Christof Kurzmann, Burkhard Stangl, Martin Siewert and Werner Dafeldecker ¬- those who already have played one song together on "Welcome Tourist" - he founded The Year of, a country-esque chamber orchestra with slide guitars, clarinets, interferences, echo chambers. Songs in cinemascope, electro-acoustic experiences. Their debut "Slow Days" is going to be released in spring 2006 also on Morr Music.

And there is "The Humbucking Coil" Bernhard Fleischmann's third solo record released in February 2006 - euphoric pop in slow motion, rustling rhythm patterns, songs that linger and indulge. Vibraphone, piano, electric guitars in a still electronic working process. Pop songs of course.

Bernhard Fleischmann is the composer for different film scopes, so for für Bady Mincks "Am Anfang war der Blick" (shown in Cannes 2003), Jörg Kalts "Crash Test Dummies" (shown at the berlinale 2005) and Marc Bauders and Dörte Frankes "Jeder schweigt von etwas anderem" (shown at the berlinale 2006).