Label: Hometapes
Genre: Hip Hop
Online: Artist Website


CYNE (Cultivating Your New Experience) formed in the summer of 2001, in the swamps of Gainesville, Florida. CYNE is: emcees Akin and Cise Star, and producers Speck and Enoch -- four distinct people, with the common goal of creating sincere and honest music.

Their often politically-charged, culturally-introspective, and motivational lyrics find influence rooted in the early works of Nas, Public Enemy, Outkast and Common Sense. The production could be described as warm, soulful and organic -- born out of the school of producers that cite the likes of RZA, Pete Rock, Jay Dee, and DJ Premier. CYNE's 'sound' is impacted by everything from Bad Brains to Krautrock, from Camp Lo to Kate Bush, from Venezuelan Gaita to West African Highlife -- it's a hybrid of emotional, historical, and challenging influences.