Label: Slanty Shanty Records
Genre: Rock
Online: Artist Website


Flagbearers for no particular scene or agenda, ANAVAN are as unique a Los Angeles institution as Ron Jeremy, The Smell, and taco trucks. Recently, they've shared the stage with NO MEANS NO, CRYSTAL CASTLES and MONOTONIX, toured with HEALTH and CLIP'D BEAKS. Birthed from the pregnant stew of downtown's now legendary all-ages venue, The Smell, ANAVAN cracked their shell alongside groups like NO AGE, ABE VIGODA, FOOT VILLAGE, and MIKA MIKO. Their sound, however, owes as little to their local peers as it does the aforementioned duos. The most obvious break from convention was (and still is) the conspicuous lack of guitar - an absence one forgets shortly after the first glorious note is struck. In a city full of 5-, 7-, hell, even 10-piece ensembles, the concept of "less is more" starts becoming something of an emergency. When less equals as much more as ANAVAN delivers, the wheat has already begun showing the chaff where to stick it. "Power trio" hardly does them justice.

Their sophomore album "Cover Story" finds the band honing their pop sensibilities while maintaining the driving energy and DIY work ethic of their punkier, self-titled 2006 debut on Gold Standard Labs and singles for Deathbomb Arc (Foot Village, Captain Ahab, Thurston Moore).