The Whispertown 2000
The Whispertown 2000
Label: Acony
Genre: Rock / Pop
Online: Artist Website


Led by vocalist, guitarist, and songwriter (not to mention former child actor) Morgan Nagler, the Whispertown 2000 (originally known by the name Vagtown 2000) was an indie rock band that started out as a solo vehicle but developed into a full-fledged band around 2004. Nagler was moved to write and perform by friend and Rilo Kiley member Blake Sennett, who helped -- along with Jenny Lewis -- Nagler on her path to musical notoriety. The original pairing (that is to say, Nagler and Tod Adrian Wisenbaker), under the aforementioned original name, played their first show as an opener to Sennett's side project the Elected, and soon began working off their own momentum, changing names and adding members. The new four-piece edition of the Whispertown 2000 hit the road, and eventually released an album, 2006's Livin' in a Dream, which included contributions from Jenny Lewis and Blake Sennett. 2008 would see the group build on their strong touring schedule with a new album, Swim.