Pretty & Nice
Pretty & Nice
Label: Hardly Art
Genre: Rock
Online: Artist Website


Boston's Pretty & Nice actually got their start in Burlington, VT, where musician Holden Lewis met engineer/musician Jeremy Mendicino in 2004 and the two proceeded to record what would become the band's debut, Pink & Blue. After releasing the record (and embarking on a year's worth of gigs), the two young men settled in Boston and recruited Bobby Landry as a full-time drummer. In an unconventional move, the group followed up its debut with an EP of remixes, entitled Blue & Blue, and soon caught the attention of Sub Pop subsidiary Hardly Art. With label backing and a touring lineup in place (Andy Contois was brought in for bass duty), the group went to work on its next full-length, Get Young, released in 2008. With the teaser Tora Tora Tora 7" in hand, Pretty & Nice embarked on a national tour that found them in the throng of the SXSW festival that same year.