Label: Bifocal Media
Genre: Pop / Rock
Online: Artist Website


Goner's keyboard-fueled, hope-inspired rock has now ultimately proven itself to be much more than just the product of another "band without a guitar." With the release of 2002's Dollar Movie (Eskimo Kiss Records), Goner announced themselves to the world outside of Raleigh, NC with their first full-length of harmony-heavy, keyboard-fronted, lyrically-captivating music. With songs of love, life, and all those little things hidden inside an everyday-afternoon, the boys of Goner showcased a detailed understanding of harmony, melody and songwriting. Now with the release of How Good We Had It, Goner returns with twelve more songs of the same, but with volume, feeling, and spirit raised to eleven. Notwithstanding songs like "The Encore," and the remarkable album closer "Townies," the album works as a whole piece; a kind of audile painting depicting an age and place in which nothing and everything hold equal weight. It is music about feeling and being alive; knowing where you are and what it means to be there. As hinted at with Dollar Movie, Goner's lyrics prove to be both impressive and understated. With lines such as, "Remember clocking out laughing howling in the streets/ Trouble in the reds of our eyes, ("Letters to Cal")" and "look who's coming in -- the flirt with the man of sin, ("The Lazy Star")," it's easy to see how the weight of some scenes are easily balanced out by the humor and bluntness of others; lines working back and forth, in and out of dreams and realities. Whether painting abstract, poetic moments or relaying someone else's beautiful story, it's hard not to fall for Goner's word-for-word perfect narratives, delivered, as always, in their own fine-tuned, duel-voiced, harmony-heavy vocal styling. And with Goner, ultimately, the thing that is most comforting (and necessary) is that in some way, in at least one of their songs, you recognize the feeling of being alive.