Label: Lo Recordings
Genre: Electronic
Online: Artist Website


Spanning Neu like motorik grooves, sunny disco moves, epic ambient journeys that rival Vangelis or Klaus Schulze for sheer electronic deepness and downtempo funk head nodders with Kraftwerk keyboards, this is a such a perfect summer album that it can make it seem like summer anytime of the year. If Dennis Wilson was still alive he’d be making music like this.

Hatchback is Samuel Milton Grawe, Californian native and best buddy with Sorcerer aka Dan Judd whose ‘Surfing at Midnight’ was one of THE summer tunes of last year. You’ll also find Sorcerer adding his delicious guitar licks to a couple of tracks on this album.

Hatchback is the sound of cruising through sun-drenched landscapes, along crystalline coastlines from the Autobahn to the California Highway. Inspired by in-dash cassette players playing the perfect song at the perfect time, Hatchback creates soundtracks for the film unfolding through your windshield.

Utilizing an array of vintage synthesizers, analog drum machines, and the venerable Fender Rhodes electric piano, these are classic sounds with a modern twist.

Like Roy Ayers meets Can, Hatchback proves that everyone does indeed love the sunshine. Includes the seminal ‘White Diamond’ as remixed by Prins Thomas and a big favourite with Ewan Pearson and Lindstrom, described by Phonica as ‘a mind-blowing transmission of blissed out, life-affirming cosmic disco’.

Other releases by Hatchback can be found on Sentrall and Thisisnotanexit. Sam is also the other half of Windsurf with Dan Judd (Sorcerer) whose debut album is out soon on Prins Thomas’ Internasjonal label, their remix of LCD Soundsystem is out now on DFA.