Oranges Band, The
Label: Lookout Records
Genre: Pop / Rock
Online: Artist Website


"Music is Mobility!" is the mantra. Activity is the goal. The Oranges Band is a concept band and the concept reads, "Make good music. Take it on the road. Have a good time and see what floats." It sounds easy and it is. But it took a while to arrive at this simplicity. Roman Kuebler began making music in 1995 with the Roads to Space Travel, a Baltimore quartet of indie rockers banging around in their basement. The quartet slimmed to a trio and the band focused on creating complex pop music. They were able to persuade their long time friends at Amish records to put out two full lengths, as well as the folks at DeSoto records in nearby DC, who produced a beautifully crafted seven inch. A few tours came and went. The group decided to focus its attention on mainly local affairs and eventually disbanded. This provided Roman with the motivation to realize the Oranges Band.

The Oranges Band began backwards in a way. First, a tour was scheduled, then an album recorded and finally a band was put together. For the group, Roman recruited Dave Voyles, whose drumming with local emo wonders, Wrong Button, earned high praise, and high school henchman Tim Johnston, who played with the spazz rock group, Brickhead. Dan Black, friend of the family and multi-instrumentalist, joined the group three days before the first tour on a dare from his mother, who claimed, "he was getting soft since graduating college!"

The Orange Calender officially began in April, 2000, with the release of the innovatively packaged and appropriately titled seven inch/cd combo, "The Five Dollars EP", on Morphius Records, followed directly in May and June with their first US tour. The summer was spent recording in DC before a second US tour in November. Upon returning, the band put the finishing touches on the newest batch of recordings and sent them off to the plant, again with the Morphius tag. This five song effort titled "Nine Hundred Miles of Fucking Hell," released on April 16 2001, provided the punctuation at the end of a very full first year. In between Oranges Band tours and recording sessions, Roman also found time to spend a few months on the road with DIY champs, The Thumbs, and appeared on their latest effort, "Last Match" on Adeline Records.

The band's second year proved a little less tour intensive. Feeling the financial strain of a long and unlucky tour, the band decided to focus it's efforts on recording a group of songs that would become the basis for its next release. During this time, Roman also moonlighted as the bass player for Spoon, with whom he toured extensively in the US and Europe and appeared on their latest Merge Records release, Kill the Moonlight.

The Oranges Band demos, finished in April, 2002, as the band celebrated it's 2nd anniversary, caught the attention of Lookout! Records president, Christopher Applegren, whom Roman met while touring with The Thumbs. Recognizing a shared aesthetic and appreciation for no nonsense rock music, the Lookout!/Oranges Band relationship fell together without a hitch and the plan was formed. In anticipation of a fall tour of the US with Spoon and to introduce the band to Lookout! loyalists, the band put together it's third EP entitled "On TV", released on October 22 2002.

With the confident support of Lookout Records! and free of other obligations, the Oranges Band is now able to fly it's own flag full-time. After completing their fall 2002 tour of the US in NYC at the Lookout! CMJ showcase, the Oranges Band headed immediately into the studio to record with DC native Juan Carrera (Warmers, Skull Control, Convocation Of...). Scheduled to hit the shelves in March 2003, their debut full length closed out a productive third year as the Oranges Band prepared to celebrate it's fourth year on the road, excited to get back to where they started from. "Music is Mobility".