Betty Botox
Betty Botox
Label: Endless Flight
Genre: Electronic
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“Betty Botox” is the title of a re-edit project masterminded by the DJ JD Twitch, who may be better known for his association with Optimo Espacio, a weekly club night and cultural wellspring in Glasgow, Scotland, which he operates alongside his DJ partner J.G. Wilkes (they also perform and create remixes together under the name Optimo).

After putting out a handful of unofficial LP re-edit releases (which cut up everything from classic mutant disco rarities to pop new wave acts like Blondie), Betty Botox came out with its first official, above-the-line offering in the summer of 2008, titled Mmm, Betty!. This LP offers mashups of disco-not-disco, krautrock, prog, and postpunk artists such as the jellies, The Residents, Hawkwind, and Severed Heads.

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Betty Botox
song:Doragon Balls-Flying Rhythms
album:MMM Betty! (Endless Flight)
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