Tha Fruitbat
Tha Fruitbat
Label: Lunaticworks
Genre: Electronic
Online: Artist Website


Tha Fruitbat hails from Sacramento, California and is an electronic music maker best known for his over the top form of beat box rockin'. In his production he overwhelms the listener with an array of "wild style" synth and sample tones, weaved together on top of complex breakbeats and mutated basslines with a backdrop of vacuous space and oblivion.

His background as a trained musician (drums, bass, guitar and percussion) and audio engineer enables Tha Fruitbat to play, sample and record his own sounds into his compositions, creating his own unique beats.

Although he does sample some organic instruments, sample sources vary from vinyl to VHS to AM radio to whatever sort of device that has an audio output. While much of Tha Fruitbat's music could be described as having a jungle/drum ‘n bass feel, his music surpasses the conventional model of that genre, making it his own distinct sound. With each track his production style is taken through numerous tempos and rhythms ranging from bouncy dance floor breaks to post-apocalyptic sci-fi experimentalism.

In addition to his solo work Tha Fruitbat is responsible for creating other projects with various Northern California electronic musicians. These include Hysterisis Loop, a four person live electronic outfit that has performed in many cities throughout California, in venues small and large including the DNA Lounge in San Francisco and Sacramento’s Arco Arena.

Tighten your seatbelt, hold on to your headphones and mind your CDR drive - Tha Fruitbat has more breaks than a prime time major network broadcast.