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A destined encounter between singer/songwriter Elsieanne Caplette and drummer Stephane Sotto led to the creation of Elsiane, a duo that combines much more than its creators' given names. Elsiane perfectly reflects this creative duo’s symbiotic relationship and creative approach. Musically, Elsiane is a hybrid of styles and influences. Their evocative compositions organically blend a pop sensibility with influences that range from classical music through jazz, rock and electronic. At once universally appealing and surprisingly intimate, their songs combine a polished surface and musical virtuosity with emotional depth and a highly personal vision. Creatively, Elsiane is a perfect fusion of these two musicians’ talents; drummer Stephane Sotto creates the rhythmic foundation that gently supports Elsieanne’s idiosyncratic and hauntingly expressive voice. The result is a lush musicality that intrinsically intertwines rhythm and melody - Elsiane is the sound of two hearts beating as one.

Born into a musical family, Elsieanne Caplette grew up in Peru. She studied classical music, however her own creativity blossomed when she studied under a mentor who advocated the exploration and integration of other traditions and genres. She played guitar and sang in bands in Peru before immigrating to Montreal in 1999 where she met Stephane Sotto. An accomplished musician and vocalist, she writes the melodies and lyrics for Elsiane’s songs, as well as playing synths and keyboards, and orchestrating the strings on their debut album. The other half of the Elsiane hybrid, drummer Stephane Sotto, was born and raised in Montreal. A self-taught musician, his collaboration with Elsieanne has allowed him to intimately explore the relationship between rhythm and melody. His study of Art History lends a conceptual sensitivity and awareness to both the musical and visual elements of Elsiane.

All of Elsiane’s songs grow out of a melody. The process starts with singer and songwriter Elsieanne; “Very strong melodies are the seeds, it always starts with the melody.” Elsieanne uses her voice as an instrument. “Lyrics come as I sing, they emerge from the melody.” Drummer Stephane joins the process as the pair arrange the songs. “I feed off of her vocals,” explains Stephane. This intimate relationship between Elsieanne’s voice and the melodies and rhythms of the drums and other instruments is a hallmark of Elsiane’s music. Floating between worlds and genres, Elsiane create orchestral dreamscapes that plumb the depths of human fragility and longing. Theirs is a physical and emotional music – sensitive, evocative and deeply touching. “This music is based on life,” says Elsieanne. “Life is an emotional journey that’s translated through these notes, this music.” What we hear is the sound of our own heartbeat echoed in Elsiane’s haunting music.

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