These Are Powers
These Are Powers
Label: Dead Oceans
Genre: Rock
Online: Artist Website


Consisting of energetic frontwoman/guitarist Anna Barie (Knife Skills, Fxxxing Lion), bassist Pat Noecker (n0 things, Liars), and drummer Bill Salas (Brenmar), Brooklyn noise dance trio These Are Powers blend eerie and ramshackle sounds into a post-no wave genre that they have deemed "ghost punk." Sometimes moaning, other times shrieking, Barie's antics of rolling and writhing in the crowd at TAP's live shows had already earned the band blog accolades by the time its first EP, Taro Tarot, was released. After touring the U.S. extensively in 2007, the trio scored a deal with Hoss Records and moved out to Chicago to record its full-length debut, Terrific Seasons.