Lali Puna
Lali Puna
Label: Morr Music
Genre: Electronic
Online: Artist Website


After the breakup of her previous band, the Munich-based L.B. Page in 1998, vocalist Valerie Trebeljahr formed the German-based experimental electro-pop group, Lali Puna. Although Lali Puna was originally intended to be a solo project, Trebeljahr recorded the debut LP, Snooze, with the help of Notwist guitarist Markus Acher and a four-track recorder. A few months later, drummer Christoph Brandner (of the Tied & Tickled Trio) and keyboardist Florian Zimmer joined the outfit. Both musicians appeared on ali Puna's single, "Safe Side," and the 1999 full-length release (Morr Music), Tridecorder. They released their first 7" on the Reihenhausmusik series from the high-profile Hausmusic label in 1998 and performed at the Jimmy Gimme More festival in Munchen, Germany, later that same year. A pair of excellent full-lengths for Morr -- 2001's Scary World Theory and 2004's Faking the Books -- followed. In 2005, they released a compilation titled I Thought I Was Over That.