Clue to Kalo
Clue to Kalo
Label: Mush Records
Genre: Rock
Online: Artist Website


Hailing from Adelaide, Australia, Clue To Kalo mastermind Mark Mitchell applies a lo-fi aesthetic to pristine computer-based production in which the technology is the means rather than the end. A generous use of layered melodies, elemental textures, and multi-tracked vocals highlight a vast range of influences and solidify the fact that Clue To Kalo is first and foremost a songwriter. In addition to many shows in Australia, Clue To Kalo has toured throughout the US and Canada and was a featured artist at the Mush 2003 CMJ in NYC and Mush 2005 SXSW showcases. Inventive without being inaccessible, Clue To Kalo has established himself as a singular artist of extraordinary scope and depth.