Label: Secretly Canadian
Genre: Electronic / Pop / Rock
Online: Artist Website


Havergal has done very little recording since his debut Lungs for the Race was completed in 2000. In 2001, Havergal was transplanted to the West Coast for three years. He has since relocated to Texas, where he currently resides and where he finished his new album. Elettricita is neither a Texas record nor a California record. The music on it resides between the two, on the road somewhere in Arizona or New Mexico, with eyes fixed forward. No, it is not a 'road' record (throw out those images of Willie & Waylon). Oh God no. Perhaps the record is a 'breakup record' about Havergal's breakup with California; an acceptance and understanding of a past and an anticipation for a future. There is a roaming spirit on this record- a real sense of manifest destiny. Since the dawn of the new millennium, Havergal has walked across the desert and back and now he stands before us with Elettricita in his arms, between us & the sun. We find he has grown enormously as a vocalist, composer and songwriter. While more melancholy tonally, on Elettricita there is clearly a newfound sense of maturity. His vocals are still talky at points but he always finds the melody, no matter how patient & small it may be.