Ellen Allien
Ellen Allien
Label: BPitch Control
Genre: Electronic
Online: Artist Website


Like a lot of dance music producers, Berlin's Ellen Allien has had her hands in just about every aspect of her field. Allien's immersion into dance music began during an extended stay in London, at the height of the acid house phenomenon. Shortly after returning home she got into DJing, and by 1993 she had spun at Fischlabor, Tresor, and a number of other significant clubs. Throughout the remainder of the '90s, she hosted programs on Berlin's Kiss FM, worked at the Delirium record shop, operated a label called Braincandy, and threw a number of parties called BPitch Control, which led to her label of the same name. She eventually became a noted producer; along with a slew of 12" releases, she issued a series of full-lengths -- Stadtkind (2001), Berlinette (2003), Thrills (2005), Orchestra of Bubbles (2006, with Apparat), and SOOL (2008) -- along with the mix albums Weiss Mix (2002), My Parade (2004), Fabric 34 (2007), and Boogybytes, Vol. 4 (2008).