Pink Skull


The precocious child of a Wiccan-loving go go dancer and draft-dodging portrait artist, Pink Skull’s Julian Grefe grew up in the wilds of the Jersey Pine Barrens and took the freaky creative path early on. A former punk rocker cum raver, Grefe is an accomplished musician and producer with a slew of bands, records and avant garde projects under his belt. After touring and recording with emo band Trans Megetti, Grefe tried his hand at producing, with SOUND-iNK Records’ King Honey on Aspera’s critically acclaimed 2004 release Oh Fantastica. The same year Grefe teamed up with 611 Records alum and co-conspirator, Justin Geller, their collaboration and mutual love of early avant-techno spawned Pink Skull. Grefe and Geller were tapped to curate the inaugural mix for renegade dance purveyor RVNG INTL's series of DJ compilations Rvng Prsnts.

2006 saw the release of Pink Skull’s debut EP Blast Yr Akk and single “Unicorn Harpoon” on Free News Projects (née ToneArm Records), the music publishing arm of Philly-based artist collective Space 1026. Created in a mescaline-and-psychedelic-mushroom-addled haze, both records were heavily inspired by 70’s Krautrock, African rhythms and South American influences, positioning Grefe as a latter day musical anthropologist. The DJ/producer duo also remixed a handful of left-of-center dance tracks for Spank Rock, Plastic Little, Architecture in Helsinki, HEALTH, Lovely Chords, We Are Wolves and Martin Matiske and Grefe hit the road, DJ’ing and performing with the likes of Hot Chip, Vitalic, Optimo, Simian Mobile Disco, MSTRKRFT, Digitalism, Tim Sweeney, 2 Many DJs, Derrick Carter, Bonde Do Role, Guns‘n’ Bombs, BOYZ NOIZE, The Faint, Les Savy Fav, Pretty Girls Make Graves, and Jets to Brazil. In 2007, Grefe and Geller expanded Pink Skull into a live band, with the addition of players Jeremy Gewertz (drums), Mike Hammel (bass) and Sam Murphy (guitar).

This spring Pink Skull released their first full-length album Zeppelin 3 on Free News Projects. Zeppelin 3 is an update of the four-on-the-floor sound with quirky tech house, varietal acid, and Faustian instrumentation, melding dance-floor readiness with krautrock psychedelia. The album features guests Mirah, Daneil Mazone, Billy Dufala of Man Man, and Boy's Life-r Jon Anderson now of White Whale. Grefe describes Zeppelin 3 as “a tribute to the birth of the electronic music dance subculture in the early nineties... when JG was selling acid and e and we lived in weird rave caves and still went to punk shows... the first time we heard "Don't Laugh" and the first time we heard Silver Apples blah blah blah. A time when electronic music was new and limitless and a house record didn't have to be between 126 and 130."