Label: Monster K7
Genre: Folk
Online: Artist Website


Orouni is the name of an herb that has purple or white flowers. It is a parasitic plant that lives in damp woods. Since it does not produce chlorophyll, it is dependent on a host tree for its nourishment. When the plant does not find any tree, it is very sad, though it feels free. When there is a nice oak tree in sight, the herb is happy, but afraid of commitment too.

Orouni also refers to a well in Chad. When the well has a lot of water in it, it is happy. And when nomadic people come to take water from the well, it feels more important, because it can be useful to others, but then it feels also emptier.

Maybe Orouni refers to other things, that have their own weird feelings too. Maybe not.

Feeling depressed, glad, helpful or misused, after all, is just a matter of scale.