Paris, the rapper, is one impressive cat. Known for incendiary songs full of flamethrower politics- such as "Bush Killa" of off his 1992 album Sleeping With The Enemy- his career has spanned more than a decade. These days, while still putting out critically-acclaimed albums like 2003's Sonic Jihad, he's become quite the producer and small indie label owner, working with the likes of Public Enemy, The Conscious Daughters and The Coup.

Rap stardom aside, Paris is noteworthy in that he invests in international business markets and is working as a developer, building low-cost housing in Northern California where he lives. Paris is also a highly adept social commentator, with current, in-depth political analysis available on the homepage of his website. In conversation, he'll drift from business-world jargon into streetcorner with a 'hella' and 'motherfucker' and then effortlessly reel off astute catchphrases like "good for the progression of positive change in the community." He's also NOT a part of the 'bling bling' generation; you won't hear him rhyming about 'bitches and ho's' and 'killing niggers'; this man doesn't party and wakes up early to catch the pulse of his business interests around the world.