Rock Falls
Rock Falls
Label: Cardboard Sangria
Genre: Folk
Online: Artist Website


The music of Rock Falls, singer/songwriter Annie reese, exists in the first light of the day, when shadows are just becoming forms, and the world feels like it is rebuilding itself out of the night. Her hushed, soulful delivery belies a massive emotional power that smolders like Billie Holiday and lilts like Patsy Cline. The rock falls’ debut 7" features Dan Schneider and Gary Pyskacek (both from Singleman Affair, Pedal Steel Transmission) as Annie‘s backing band. Dan lends some ghostly banjo a la American primitive or at times the more serene moments of the Fairport Convention, set to Gary Pyskacek’s gurgling trap kit, subtle pedal steel, and baritone guitar. The original recordings were recorded on annie’s bedroom 4-track and engineered by longtime Cardboard Sangria engineer Brett Barton (Pedal Steel Transmission, Sainte Chapelle).