Meow Meow
Label: Devil In The Woods
Genre: Rock / Pop
Online: Artist Website


Shortwave radio squeals, Beatles-esque tape loops and healthy doses of analog tape twiddling all underscore the pure-sugar pop tones of Snow Gas Bones. Meow Meow offers up their debut album, a literate blend of fuzzed out/revved-up guitar anthems and beautifully understated/stoned soundscapes. Meow Meow began as a studio project between Kirk Hellie and Christopher O'Brien in 1998. Shortly after the death of their respective bands (Pink Noise Test and Brian Jones Was Murdered), the prolific writing team amassed a large collection of tunes in Kirk's home studio. "Cracked" was released first as part a CD compilation for the Japanese Chrome Hearts Magazine (Vol. III, 2002) that also featured an interview with Kirk.

Derailed by various other projects and tours, MM wouldn't get a chance to complete a longer body of work until 2003. The pair teamed up with drummer Norm Block (Plexi), bassist Michael Orendy (Athalia) and engineer/co-producer Eddie Ashworth to finish their full-length debut album. Snow Gas Bones is fueled by a penchant for pop melodies and art-damaged-found sound-sonics. Meow Meow exists somewhere between Brill Building tradition and grandpa's pre-war 78 rpm's played with a broken stylus.