Golden Animals


Music, time and space travelers, Golden Animals Tommy Eisner and Linda Beecroft met on a sidewalk in Brooklyn. Eisner moved from Baltimore to Williamsburg. Linda from Sweden to Brooklyn. Tommy plays guitar and Linda plays drums. A floating young blogger called them “Brooklyn’s answer to the sweet, care-free vibes of California's 70's free-love rock scene.”

Tommy and Linda recorded an EP in Brooklyn in 2006 and then moved out to the desert in California in 2007 to write their first full-length album and escape the trials of city life. Not knowing where they’d end up, they found a posting on the magical internet for a house sitter by the Salton Sea, just after arriving west. Having no idea where this was, they replied to the ad and agreed to take the job as long as they could play rock & roll music as loud as possible whenever they wanted. Since it was the hottest part of the desert and they had arrived for the summer months, every sane person who could leave the area had left, avoiding temperatures that can exceed 120*.

While working on this new album, the band felt very free; society felt (and was) very far away.