Say Hi
Say Hi
Label: Barsuk Records
Genre: Rock
Online: Artist Website


It doesn’t take too many spins to hear that something very different is happening on The Wishes And The Glitch, the fifth record from Say Hi principle Eric Elbogen. Yes, the dry sense of humor is never far, but gone are the persistent musings about robots and vampires, replaced here instead by a complicated mapping of the post-twenty something psyche, by the slow implosion of someone who fell out of love with everything he once held dear and who attempts to muster just enough gumption to get back and begin something fresh. Wishes discards the fictional protagonists that adorn Elbogen’s previous records. It offers up something entirely more wholesome, a glimpse into the songwriter’s disappointments and excitement at new prospects. It makes sense, in light of this, that he would present this record with the truncated band name (Say Hi is the former Say Hi To Your Mom), choosing to discard the perceived teenage potty humor and suggest something more universal, simple and personal: a salutation to things new.