Label: Matador Records
Genre: Rock
Online: Artist Website


The band met at Nottingham University in the late '90s and, whilst sharing a haunted house together, their appetite for musical exploration was ignited and fuelled. Wielding escalating guitars, violin and an enigmatic frontman in Dan Eastop, they marry a variety of influences to create their own definition of magic. After the first couple years of playing up and down the UK, Seachange has established itself as a deadly live proposition with a flair for the epic coupled with a ferocity that can't be faked.

Seachange isn't merely adept at a crazy melange of the anthemic & hypnotic; there are some brilliant songs happening inside the tornado. And the end results are something indefinably great. This band has got charisma and presence to spare but they could wear paper bags over their skulls and still get the job done.