Label: Friendly Fire Recordings
Genre: Rock / Pop
Online: Artist Website


Max Avery Lichtenstein -- a New York-based producer, composer, songwriter, and member of the indie rock outfit Timesbold -- is the driving force behind Camphor's atmospheric chamber pop. After writing music for several independent films (including Jesus' Son, Tarnation, and The King), Lichtenstein became interested in creating songs that were unrelated to cinema. Launching a new project in 2006, he drew from a combination of organic (horns, harp, woodwinds) and manufactured instruments (Mellotron, electronics) to fashion the songs that would later comprise Camphor's debut. Members of Mercury Rev, Beirut, Bright Eyes, and Timesbold all pitched in, and the collaborative LP Drawn to Dust introduced Camphor's layered sound in early 2008.