Red Thread, The
Label: Badman Recording Co.
Genre: Rock
Online: Artist Website


The debut album from the Red Thread, After the Last, is what happened when Jason Lakis took his finely-crafted tunes to friends from various Bay Area bands and came back with a musical offering of slow-burning beauty and a sprinkling of countrified charm. The new album, Tension Pins, further builds on Jason's hypnotic voice with its blend of soulful Americana and finely crafted somber pop tunes.

A critically acclaimed album, After the Last enjoyed a smothering of positive press, including write-ups in MOJO, CMJ Monthly and Uncut to name a few.

Twelve months, a national tour and a minor line-up change later, the Red Thread return with Tension Pins. While venturing into some new territories, Tension Pins still maintains the band's signature laid back, west coast feel.