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Two men in love with German minimalist techno, disco trash, early ‘80s synthpop and lush, moody soundtracks; yes, that’s what brought these musical minds together. Matthew Mercer, a graphic designer and electronic music producer, and Matt Keppel, a former music journalist, created Microfilm in a home office in Chicago during January 2006. They had amassed an album’s worth of songs in a matter of months and decided to test out their wares on the internet scene.

By mid-summer they had been programmed on a UK indie label podcast, remixed tracks for Ladytron and Sarah Nixey, interviewed for Brazil’s largest electronic music website, featured as one of the Boston Phoenix paper’s “Top 20 Bands to Watch”, and found its debut single ‘Young Adult Fiction’ had notched a place on acclaimed BBC Radio 1 DJ Rob Da Bank’s weekly ‘One Music’ broadcast.

The worldwide iTunes exclusive release of their debut album After Dark, in August, coincided with a lead profile feature in Chicago’s Time Out magazine, declaring that the band “slides up comfortably to Fischerspooner or Goldfrapp.”

The kudos and praises from electronic artists of all shades, Cassius to Client, LFO to The Juan MacLean, dropped in their MySpace e-mail box and amped up their desire to release the album in a CD format, remastered, reformatted, and reimagined. To sweeten the deal, Microfilm has added a second disc to the set; the 11-track Blueprints is a collection of remixes of the After Dark tracks by artists from both the UK and the US. The elegant buzz of London’s Infantjoy (James Banbury and former Trevor Horn co-hort Paul Morley) sits side by side with the glitchy Detroit electronics of Kero, while Scotland’s Frenchbloke plays blissed out ambience and Chicago’s Warmdesk gives us tech-house soul, and seven others, equally as compelling.

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