A Faulty Chromosome
A Faulty Chromosome
Label: Unsigned
Genre: Rock
Online: Artist Website


A Faulty Chromosome is a slopbucket of shoegaze tremolo, hand-claps, 8-bit blips, water-damaged mister rogers records, mashed casio chords and drum machine'd beats--all bundled up in a warmish childhood memory of hiding beneath the kitchen table in 1986 with their uncle's overweight cocker spaniel (what was her name? keebo? keeno?).

For neophobes and/or the musically nescient, a faulty chromosome (sort of) sounds like: the feelies + new order + half japanese + pavement + my bloody valentine + shaggs + yo la tengo + pere ubu + sebadoh + belle & sebastian + suicide. sort of. They are the quiet kid who hides in the library at lunch time drawing pictures in textbook margins.

Handmade promos of their (now finished! self-released!) first album, "as an ex-anorexic's six sicks exit,..." have received quite a good amount of airplay from college radio stations (kvrx austin, wuog athens, kxlu la, wtju virginia, wvfs florida, wnyu --repeatedly charting in the weekly top 30 at many of them) as well as countless blogs, podcasts, and internet radio (, Several songs have even been turned into fan-made, youtube videos!