Label: Jagjaguwar Records
Genre: Electronic / Rock
Online: Artist Website


Aspera (known once as Aspera Ad Astra) was originally conceived in the summer of '96. An Aspera track featured on Tree's Postmarked Stamp Series caught the attention of Marc Bianchi (Her Space Holiday), who would release the band's first album, Peace, on the short-lived AudioInformationPhenomena label. The band threw fans of Peace's shoegazer revivalism through a loop with their contribution to Insound's Tour Support Series (Vol. 4) and split 12" with The Lilys (Tigerstyle). The collection of songs marked both a line up change and deviation from standard writing that would be fully realized on the band's second album, Sugar and Feathered.

After a year of creative exploration, with its members split between Brooklyn and Philly, and straining to see through the recent barrage of garage rock and musical regurgitation, Aspera converged on Tonearm Studios to work on Oh Fantastica, their third album. Tonearm occupies a portion of the acclaimed Space 1026 art collective in Chinatown, Philadelphia and is purveyed by production team King Honey and J.SProcess. Aspera approached Honey after hearing the MF Doom "Monday Night At Fluid" 12" (Sound Ink). J.SProcess was brought in to compliment Honey's synthetic production skills with a more organic sensibility.