Diversion Tactics
Label: Zebra Traffic
Genre: Hip Hop
Online: Artist Website


Pubs, Drunks and Hip Hop is the debut album from Diversion Tactics. It offers a look at music and life through a hip-hop perspective, from producers and DJ’s Jazz T and Dr Zygote, alongside MC’s Chubby Alcoholic and Squeaky (plus friends). The album has some great production, lyrics and references - all encompassed in a style that could only come from UK artists who are proud of their background. Having generated support for their previous two singles ('Pounds & Cents' and 'Influence') from such mainstays as Mark B, Greenpeace (All City), Yoda and BBC Radio One, as well as 'Single Of The Month' in Hip Hop Connection (beating the likes of P Diddy and Beyonce!), it looks as though Diversion Tactics’ approach to music is appreciated by a variety of people.

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Diversion Tactics
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