Label: Free Folk
Genre: Rock
Online: Artist Website


Based out of Chicago, IL, Blake/e/e/e is a new project, seeing two members of the Italian band Franklin Delano half relocated in the States, together with American multi-instrumentalists Davy DelaFuente and Oren Wagner. Their debut album, Border Radio, will be out in the States this coming Spring 08.

Border Radio is nothing but explosive. Dressed in a folky salsa, it transforms all along its length. From weird dub to house folk celestial, from Sixties candies and psychedelic space ballads to post-punk creepy anthems. From world ethnic spirituals to alt. Country, filled with drones and bones. It's Beach Boys going to church where the church becomes a mutant disco, astral instrumental, howling at the shooting stars.

Border Radio is a spiritual quest. Lots of voices, a handful of words. Their debut album features Arabian instruments like the Oud and Derbouka mixed with cranky old drum-machines; acid organ chords mixed with broken cymbals and found objects. Slide whistles, Jamaican steel drums, electric guitars that sound like crying whales...And, of course, the vocals that function as the actual stairway to reach sanity.

A self-produced kaleidoscope of new musical ideas makes Border Radio both elegant and experimental. It's time to pack the winter clothes away as Blake/e/e/e takes you to eternal summer.