Label: Audio Dregs
Genre: Electronic
Online: Artist Website


Lineland (aka Malcolm Felder) creates streamlined, discretely layered organic tunes informed by a taste for left-field pop ranging from Bruce Haack to Bollywood, Hüsker Dü to George Jones. After moving to Queens in 1998, he began composing as Lineland, borrowing the name of a one-dimensional realm described in Flatland, the Victorian sci-fi novel by Edwin A. Abbott. Initial four-track Casio recordings grew with into the album Pavilion over a three-year period, during which Felder expanded the material using music software on the home-built Dynavox 2000 computer and a growing array of vintage keyboards and novelty instruments. Songs from Pavillion are whimsical and fantastic like you might find on a rare sunny sunday afternoon going for a walk with your headphones on and seeing the neighborhood in a brand new light.