John Beltran
Label: Ubiquity Records
Genre: Electronic
Online: Artist Website


On Sun Gypsy, John Beltran set out to explore his own roots and interest in Latin rhythms. In Full Color is his sixth album and he dives deeper into those roots but also brings the music full-circle integrating the ambient warmth and electronic sounds found on his first few albums. It's an album that very much reflects his personal tastes and history. It's also one that he hopes reaches Beltran fans of old, while making new friends.

"The Latin thing is in my roots and has always shaded my sound in differing degrees no matter which of my albums you listen to. It happens to have become trendy and the floodgates are open for many producers to pursue this sound. But no matter what, it's always been in my blood and in my household. So I've kept the same sunny sound of Sun Gypsy, it's warm and rhythmic, but I've also tapped into the melancholic moods of my early work."

With a direction dialed-in, Beltran spent the time to make sure his mixes and his approach to the end product, whether it be full-on club tracks like 'Kissed By The Sun' (described by XLR8R as a "sunny, conga-fueled samba shuffle"), or 'Candela' ("An absolute stormer!" exclaims Rainer Tr├╝by ), the more ambient passages like 'Rain In Shibuya' and 'Pictures And Indian Summer' or bossa tunes like 'Dia Brioso,' were as big and bold or as subtle and musically engaging as they could and should be. With lush pads and chord progressions fused with Latin vibes, rhythm programming, soaring vocal chorus, live performances and vocal collaborations, this album showcases the growth of a unique producer/composer and catches him in full color.