Phi Life Cypher
Label: Zebra Traffic
Genre: Hip Hop
Online: Artist Website


Fresh from a 9-month hiatus, this is Luton’s finest burst back onto the scene! Higher Forces is the long awaited second album from Phi-Life Cypher and it does not disappoint! 14 tracks deep, the album certainly compensates for their time away. Featuring the unique lyrical talents of stalwart Phi-Life emcees Life and Si-Phili, they are joined by guest emcee Skit Slam – the perfect foil for their highly charged skilled frenetic wordplay.

Higher Forces is produced almost solely by the one DJ Nappa. Not only does it retain his distinct feel for reggae, funk and hard-hitting drums, but also shows signs of his increasing exploration into other musical fields, including Bollywood sounds and vocals. Mr Thing, not content with delivering all of the super-tight cuts for the album, also contributes ‘Cypher Refunk’, a distinctly funky and laid back reworking of the now classic ‘Cypher Funk’ track, complimenting the emcees perfectly.

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