Label: Minty Fresh
Genre: Rock
Online: Artist Website


Wrongkong is probably the most promising liaison between European club sounds and Canadian independent music that ever existed. It’s the story of five musicians who searched and found each other, on a mission to collectively conquer the world. The coming album release in February, with American label Minty Fresh Records, (home of the Cardigans, Waterboys, Beangrowers, Tahiti 80, and Prototypes) is a first International vital sign from Wrongkong.Let us roll out the unknown story of the five-person band from Calgary and Nuremburg starting from the beginning.

As a young girl, the now 29 year old lead singer Cyrena, wanted, without question, to be on stage. In 1999, her desire for the spotlight lead her to spend four years dancing with Ballet Nuremburg in Germany. For the last two years she has tested and followed the waters independently, to have more time to reach her destined musical goal; a live band.

In 2004 Tommy Yamaha and Martin Kaiser were working on their successfully released “grapefruit flavoured green tea time” with their band The Strike Boys. This won them worldwide appearances stretching from China to America. They met Cyrena Dunbar in 2004, and invited her to their studio for some sessions. Aside from the vocals for both tracks “find my way“, and “outer space”, they ended up with more ideas, and new songs than expected. It didn’t take long before the obvious was clear to see. The trio’s collaboration had the potential to go much further than the a few jam sessions. Tommy and Martin quickly saw that an eccentric performer, born to be the front lady, was buried inside the seemingly shy blonde. They further realized that this was not only a case for regular studio recordings, it was the perfect opportunity for the development of a of a live band project.

Markus Wurm (graphic designer by profession, and Tommy’s brother on the side), and his buddy, David Lodhi (trained jazz musician) were irrespectively from one another at a concert for Klee, where the two met and ended up deciding to collaborate working on music.

Several months later they all began working together, the circles closed and the first official band meeting takes place. The and the live project is discussed. Several months they started playing shows together and the rest is history; Wrongkong immerses the world into beautiful and moving music, which expresses a perfect bittersweet balance of charm, protest and emotion.

As lead singer, the otherwise quiet seeming Cyrena explodes, and masters a fascinating mix of rhapsodising longing, and exuberant energy, which ideally matches the bands suspenseful and dynamic structures. No matter where the band appears, it cooks up enthusiasm. Whether on the club stage, or at big festivals, one thing is sure: Wrongkong is a must see. The debut of the quintet in November with Minty Fresh Records (exclusively in the USA) is surely only a first accomplishment resulting from the unfolding of a long and lush story. The world is sure to hear and see more from Wrongkong.