Azure Ray
Azure Ray
Label: Saddle Creek
Genre: Rock
Online: Artist Website


Maria Taylor and Orenda Fink met at 15 at the Alabama School of Fine Arts, and have been making music together ever since. Before Azure Ray, the two were in a band called Little Red Rocket. After playing an accoustic set in Athens, Orenda and Maria were approached by Brian Causey of Warm Records. Soon after, Little Red Rocket disbanded, and Azure Ray became their main project. Azure Ray has released four albums--two on Warm Records (Azure Ray and Burn and Shiver) and two on Saddle Creek Records (the November EP and Hold on Love). Although they started out in Athens, Georgia, Maria and Orenda are now based out of Omaha, Nebraska, where they moved to take part in the growing music scene. In addition to playing in Azure Ray, Orenda and Maria are involved with side projects such as Now It's Overhead, and Orenda works with Japancakes. They have also collaborated with artists such as Moby (they co-wrote and performed "Great Escape" on 18) and Bright Eyes.