Miou Miou
Miou Miou
Label: Minty Fresh
Genre: Pop
Online: Artist Website


Miou Miou is an East Bohemia band formed in the spring of 2003. Miou Miou´s music is characterized by girlish vocals in French, catchy lyrics, playfulness, repetitive elements, dynamic contrasts and searching for new sounds. Their music makes use of a wide range of instruments, from more unique instruments such as analog synthesizers (Vermona, Farfisa, Delicia), oscillators, vibraphone, harp and kantele; to more concert stuff like guitars, bass and drums.

Miou Miou’s debut album "La La Grande Finale" was released in the Czech Republic in 2006 on the label Piper Records. Thirteen new songs were recorded together with nearly 20 other musicians ­ ranging from punk bands to symphony orchestra. The album was mixed at JaMOR Studio by Ondrej Jezek. "La La Grande Finale" will be released in North America on Minty Fresh Records (date: January 2008) and in Japan on Rallye Label (date: August 25th, 2007).

Miou Miou has remixed tracks from artists such as Deerhoof, Kora Et Le Mechanix or Longital. They have also composed music for the animated film "Banicti rytiri" (The Knights of Banik, dir. Tereza Rohackova) and music for the art installation "Space and Pendulum" by Eva Koupova. MM´s song "Rendre temps" was included on the soundtrack to the Slovak movie "O dve slabiky pozadu" (Two Syllables Behind, dir. Katarina Sulajova).