Clipd Beaks
Clipd Beaks
Label: LovePump United
Genre: Experimental / Rock
Online: Artist Website


Formed in 2003, Clipd Beaks started off with little more than a battered Arp Axxe synthesizer and a microphone but quickly set about marking off their own turf at the intersection of psychedelic post-punk and futuristic noise.

Bassist Scott Ecklein and drummer Ray Benjamin met at age seven and have played music together ever since. The nascent Beaks rhythm section met guitarist/synthesist Greg Pritchard inadvertently when, during his "reactionary prepubescent punk" phase, he violently beat on one of Ray's drums while calling them wankers due to their pre-teen band's sonic similarities to Smashing Pumpkins.

After graduating from high school, where they experimented with mind-altering substances such as British rock and San Diego art-core, the three boys played in an epic instrumental post-rock/prog band. Singer Nic Barbeln was in a different band, whose delayed vocal loops and jam band tendencies they secretly admired from afar. When Nic's band's drummer ran off to Woodstock to become a Buddhist monk, he was invited to join the other boys for an impromptu jam sesh, and on a sub-zero January night in a loft above a metal bar in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Clipd Beaks was born.

Their first record--which was recorded and released themselves--came out that July. It was called Gang Caves and it was about caves near the Mississippi River that gangs used to hang out in. Incorporating lo-fi orchestral samples, liberal use of the aforementioned analog synth, and effected vocals á la Vincent Price's cameo on “Thriller”, the record still stands as a bizarre testament to the young Beaks' insatiable appetite for experimentation.

In March of 2006, Tigerbeat6 released the E.P. Preyers. Recorded while the band was packing their bags in preparation for an epic cross-country move to California, Preyers documented the anxiety of five boys growing into men in the strange last days of American Empire, leaving their placid Midwest homes behind to venture into the unknown.

After happily settling in Oakland, Clipd Beaks shared the stage with bands such as Indian Jewelry, Erase Errata, and Celebration, performed at South by Southwest in 2006, and embarked on a two month DIY tour of the US and Canada in the spring of 2007. Their first full-length album, Hoarse Lords, will be released by Lovepump United on November 6th.