4 Bonjour's Parties
4 Bonjour's Parties
Label: Mush Records
Genre: Rock / Pop
Online: Artist Website


Tokyo's 4 Bonjour's Parties craft delicate, electronically enhanced chamber pop that has an epic feel, thanks to the band's seven-member lineup. Vocalist, programmer, and multi-instrumentalist Ayumu Haitani leads 4 Bonjour's Parties, which also includes vocalists/multi-instrumentalists Koji Ueno and Tomomi Shikano; guitarist/trumpeter Hirokazu Kusakabe; trumpeter/vocalist Yukiko Hamada; vocalist/drummer/saxophonist Masashi Tabei; and bassist Daisuke Kurihara. The band self-released demos and EPs like Sister Nevula before signing to the Australian label Cumbersome, which issued the Otogima EP. After playing with Clue to Kalo, 4 Bonjour's Parties were signed by & Records. Their debut album, Pigments Drift Down to the Brook, was released in the U.S. by Mush Records late in 2007.