Label: Minty Fresh
Genre: Pop
Online: Artist Website


Annika Line Trost was born in Berlin on May 21, 1977. She suffered her first bout of lovesickness at the age of two when she saw Kralle Krawinkel, of the German cult band Trio, playing guitar on TV. Not so many years later, she began listening to punk rock and learning to play the drums. By the age of 13, she had already played in several sixties-influenced garage bands.

At 20, Trost swapped her drum kit for a sampler and founded her own band, Cobra Killer, with Gina V. D'Orio in 1998. Shortly thereafter, they kicked-off their first global tour including numerous gigs in Europe and the United States.

Walking the jagged line of electronic punk rock, Cobra Killer soon won international acclaim, playing more than 100 shows annually around the world. Their live shows enthused and inspired audiences, critics, and musical adventurers such as Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth.

Trost recently completed her second solo album, Trust Me. Her songs possess an irresistible hypnotic lure on this album, akin to fleeting images of a David Lynch movie accompanied by the manic despair of Francoise Hardy. She sings nonchalantly (and in three languages) of both fulfillment and emptiness, leaving you adrift in an ocean of tranquil uncertainty. Trust Me contains a cover of the Bonnie "Prince" Billy song, "Black." And the track "Filled With Tears" contains lyrics from "Madeleine-Mary" by Will Oldham.

Amidst Trost's flashes of cold urbanity and mechanized rhythms, we can still immerse ourselves in moments of belonging and beauty. And even if Trost doesn't suggest you can escape from the monsters of darkness, you may not want to be saved while following this sultry voice - even to the very place where those monsters lurk.