OK Ikumi
OK Ikumi
Label: Blue Bell Records
Genre: Electronic
Online: Artist Website


who is OK Ikumi? he is a new cat on the scene named karl jørgensen who plays tons of shows, creates mysterious paintings, dj's, loves cats, bats, ghosts, and composes his own style of dreamy, intense, and oftentimes pensive music on the floor of his bedroom in provo, utah. lovers of figurine, DNTEL, pop, lo-fi, melodic, dance, keyboards, thick beats, electronic sounds, and sexy vocals - look no further!

OK ikumi has his OWN way of doing things. he keeps it real, and without the fancy pants producing you hear a lot of these days. "i really don't want my music to have an overly pop production (vocals sitting above the rest of the music). i know it's atypical, and i know i kind of make pop music, but there's something i really like about vocals that are a little bit obscured or buried." his lyrics are sincere, profound and sweet, his voice is sexy and soothing, and his musical genius is heard throughout this record via thick bass lines, orchestral harmonies, captivating melodies, and keyboards galore. what sets this album apart from the rest is its organic, raw, and fresh quality.

we can all relate to OK ikumi's lyrics in some form - whether it be dreaming about moving to another country (or the forest, ahem) to get away from it all ("relocation"); changing your ways after somebody you love saw right through you (a dreamy "lift up your eyes"); two strangers connecting under the strobe lights in the middle of a packed dance floor ("heart not stopping"); or hoping you won't forget somebody when they're not around anymore, as long as they "always stay the same." these songs are simply about real life, friendships, relationships, and how we communicate with one another in this crazy world.

with his sister kari jørgensen (the boy who could fly) lending vocals on a few songs, OK ikumi's debut album, "spirits" makes for some adorable boy/girl melodies ("no matter"). purely instrumental songs like "salty apple," "midnight," and "reform" allow the album breathe between the lyrics.